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Learning and Career

About the Programme

The objective of the mentoring programme is to ensure professional growth and development of high potentials for assuming senior leadership roles. In the process, the tacit knowledge and vast experience of senior leaders in NIPM are transferred to a mentee through professional guidance for excellence.


The primary goal of the programme is the professional growth and development as well as performance optimization of HR Professionals in critical roles.

The specific goals are:

  • To facilitate transfer of skills and knowledge of experienced professionals in NIPM for development of a mentee.
  • To provide support to a mentee in locating and accessing resources and experts.
  • To provide motivation for self-development, creativity and the acceptance of responsibility with confidence.
  • To guide a mentee to acquire technical expertise and behavioural competencies required to excel in his profession.
  • To help a mentee understand the challenges in different fields and groom oneself accordingly.


Mentoring Period

The period of mentorship relationship shall be for 12 months commencing from the appointment as mentor /mentee.

The roles and responsibilities of a mentor

Mentor’s responsibilities include:

  • Demonstrating willingness and commitment to the mentoring process and being a role model.
  • Helping to identify resources and building a professional network in the workplace.
  • Sharing ‘lessons learned’ from own experiences and providing opportunities for developmental experiences.
  • Creating a Mentee Development Plan (MDP), clarifying the expectations of industry and understanding ones own competencies
  • Managing over expectations of mentees from organizations.
  • Encouraging independence in working, assisting and modifying the objectives.

Role of a mentee

Mentee’s role includes:

  • Being proactive in his/her own career development, establishing clear developmental goals and actively demonstrating initiative and desire to learn.
  • Creating developmental plan that clarifies the expectations of the mentoring partnership.
  • Participating in open and honest discussions with the mentor online/offline mode.
  • Taking responsibility for personal growth and development.
  • Being receptive to feedback and coaching.
  • Demonstrating a positive and constructive attitude.
  • Utilizing resources available through mentoring connection and from the programme manager to engage in relationship enhancing activities.

Organizational set up for programme implementation

Organization wide support and commitment are essential ingredients to the success of the programme. Hence, as institutional arrangement shall be set up as below

Core Team

Core Team consists of National President, National Vice President and Hony. General Secretary, who would provide guidelines and periodically review the progress and impact of the programme. It also would provide direction and leadership to the programme.

Chief Mentoring Executives
Regional Vice Presidents shall act as Chief Mentoring Executive.

Mentoring programme facilitators
Chapters shall appoint one senior member as mentoring programme facilitator who would be responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the programme is implemented effectively.
  • Identifying qualified mentors and encouraging them.
  • Managing and coordinating mentoring programme activities in the chapter.
  • Serving as the central point of contact on all aspects in the chapter.

Development of pool of mentors

Applications may be invited from interested members to play the mentor’s role. After scrutiny, a pool of mentors may be selected and notified through the website.

Appointment of mentors

Appointment of mentors shall be done by the Chief Mentoring Executives on the recommendation of the Mentoring Programme Facilitator.

Mentor mentee ratio

One mentor can have not more than 3 mentees at a time.

Mentors Meet

The core team shall organize mentors meet and orientation programme for mentors. It shall also set up Awards to mentors for their outstanding contributions.

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