Steps for online Registration

You can apply online for membership in NIPM. The steps of online registration are given below -

There are two types of Membership –

Option 1 - Life/Associate/Corporate – It is applicable for Employee / Consultant/ Advisors/ Teacher/ Research Person

Option 2 - Institutional Membership - Org. with manpower of 500 and above/ Org. with manpower less than 500/ Educational Institute

You can pay in two modes –

Online – Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, etc

Offline – Cheque/Demand Draft/NEFT
If you pay Offline you need to specify the payment detail in the online registration form and send the payment to NIPM.

On successful completion of Online Membership Registration Form you will receive notification via email/sms.

Your details will be scrutinized at NIPM back office and you will receive status notification via email/sms.

If confirmed, it will be forwarded to the NIPM National Committee for final approval.

NIPM Council Committee will decide and approve on the basis of the submitted details and the applicant will be informed of the Membership no. by email/sms.

If any application is kept on hold or rejected due to unavailability of any documents or on eligibility criteria, NIPM will update you on the status by email/sms.