From the Desk of Hon. General Secretary


Charles Juster

We need a new way of thinking about strategy in business environments where traditional barriers to entry are eroding, or in which the constraints are weakened by emerging technologies. With the advent of communications and computational technology, strategic advantage began to shift towards companies that leveraged information technology to provide services in addition to goods. Though the strong track records of Procter & Gamble, Unilever, PepsiCo, Godrej, TATA, Apple, M&M, etc. have shown that a strong competitive position, once created, can be sustained, a newer technology platform can overnight alter the global positioning of a company. One tactical approach is to leverage the core skills or capabilities of an organization in a new format. NIPM National Conference scheduled in September, 2017 in Chennai is planned to take an in-depth analysis on it and draw insights form companies as to how they are leveraging people capabilities to sustain the business environment.