From the Desk of Hon. General Secretary


Charles Juster

As organisations become increasingly global, multigenerational, multicultural, networked and technology driven, it is time for HR reposition itself as the change maker and drive the business in an environment of digital disruption by rebuilding people capabilities. National Conference 2017 (NATCON2017) of National Institute of Personnel Management, India, organised at Taj Coromondal, Chennai in Sept 2017, sensitised Indian Industries, from a human perspective, how this digital transformation will change the company, its blueprint, and its future. The conference has further conveyed how the disruption also is a great business opportunity to capitalise on.Every business is going to be a digital business. According to the McKinsey Digital Global Survey, digitisation will heavily impact companies that stay idle, while the leaders of digital disruption will see a huge increase in revenue. The modern India’s visionary leader Mr. Narendra Modi has taken a lead by stepping in at the right time to transform the country to Digital India. The project, Digital India, was launched in the year 2015 with the aim to transform the entire ecosystem of public services through IT, moving the nation forward to become a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. It is now time for Indian organisations to put in place strategies not only to future proof but also to take advantage of the emerging opportunities. HR would play the lead role in driving business in future by developing the critical people capabilities required for it. Understanding skill sets of employees, the demand and supply of skills, talent pools, and talent movement in industry is the first step towards building talent intelligence. Gone are the days when being a specialist in one skill was enough. Today, a skill stays relevant for only 5 to 6 years. Organisations would look for talent with a hybrid set of complementary skills. It points at the need for revamping the education system and learning & development initiatives for facilitating continuous open learning, re-skilling, up-skilling, multi-skilling of talent in alignment with the direction of the business. Again, the country has shown the way. The idea of ‘Skill India’ is the most strategic initiative rolled out by the Indian Prime Minister to build strategic advantage for the country to serve the world which is going to be in a state of talent crisis. The Prime Minister has secured the country’s future. Have you future proofed your organisation from being under extinction caused by the digital and demographic disruptions? Join us in Pune at NATCON2018 to know the Future of Work & Future Workplace and how to ready your organisation to sustain the disruptions and take advantage of the immense opportunities ahead.