NIPM HR Excellence Award is an acknowledgement of Professional excellence in various HR roles. Some people have taken the extension of their talent, expertise and service to others, as a mission, and created value to HR profession as well as to the organization they work for and some others have built institutions. They continuously explore and discover their inner talent and use them for value creation for organizations, profession and the society. They are value driven and not only they live their values but also promote the same in others. They have long term goals and live with purpose or work with mission and stretch their talent by creating new circumstances and settings for in pursuit of exploring themselves.

NIPM beliefs that such real talents should be identified and projected as role models for others to get inspired.

NIPM, being the national body of HR professionals in the Country, has decided to identify such value driven professionals and role model them through the prestigious NIPM HR Excellence Awards which is the stamp of professional excellence.

A. Awards / Assessment Framework

B. Selection Process

The evaluation of nominations for the award is an evidence based approach which uses information received from reward reviews and reward measurements to assess level of value creation through distinct contributions. The evaluation is based on logic and evidence, not on belief and ideology. Nominations are evaluated by independent experts from Industry, Academia, Research organizations and Government.

  1. Preliminary evaluation of shortlisted nominations
  2. Power point presentation with original documents in presence of the Jury constituted by NIPM at Regional Level (Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata and New Delhi)
  3. Final presentation before jury constituted by NIPM at National Level.
  4. Award declaration

C. Eligibility

All HR professionals from different sectors

NIPM HR Excellence Award may be considered separately, at the discretion of the jury, for nominees belonging to the following segment of products/services :

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Hotel, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism
  3. BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)
  4. Mining
  5. IT, Electronics & Telecommunication
  6. HR Consultancy (including Management & Training)
  7. Entertainment Industry – TV/ Film/ Music
  8. Financial Sector – Banking / Non-Banking Finance Companies/ Asset Management Companies / Insurance
  9. Health care
  10. Transportation – Shipping / Ports/ Aviation/ Railway/ Road

D. Award Secretariat

The Award is administered by NIPM HR Excellence Award Secretariat.

E. Rules & Régulations

  1. Decision of the Award Jury is final and no appeal or correspondence will be entertained.
  2. Award Secretariat reserves the right to declare more than one nominee as the winner, and could also withhold award(s), if the required standard is not met.
  3. Award for each category may be given, even if there is only one application in any of the categories provided it meets the benchmark set for the category (as decided by the Jury).
  4. Jury may not approve any Award, if the applicants do not meet the benchmark.
  5. Finalist Award applicants may be invited to make a brief presentation to the Jury and/or one of the assessors may be nominated to confirm or clarify certain facts at site. Travel and stay expenses, if any, will be borne by the applicant.
  6. Award Secretariat accepts no liability for any loss resulting from the disclosure of infor-mation concerning an applicant to Assessors or Jury members, though all reasonable pre-cautions will be taken to maintain secrecy. Award Secretariat cannot undertake to return documents or supplementary material submitted with an entry.
  7. Award Secretariat reserves the right to alter the Award Scheme, at any time.

F. Nomination Fees

The application fee is Rs. 6900 /- (inclusive of tax). The fee should accompany your application in the form of Demand Draft/Cheque in favour of “National Institute of Personnel Management”, payable at Kolkata.

G. Procedure for Sending Application

The completed Application along with the enclosures and supporting materials must be sent in one HARD Copy along with a SOFT Copy in CD or Pen Drive, typed in Microsoft Word (MS WORD) format with a font size 12 pt. on A-4 size paper in English, covering the following:

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Application Form
  3. Professional Overview – To provide a summary of the applicant’s Professional engage-ments.
  4. Self Appraisal Report with evidences to prove the extent of excellence achieved by the applicant and defined contributions.
  5. Additional Assessment support materials
    • Detailed profile with roles held in different organizations
    • HR skills (expert level) with academic qualifications, certifications with year and insti-tute.
    • HR projects accomplished with defined outcomes
    • Recognitions received with brief details
    • Professional engagements and contributions
    • Evidences to support the ‘Assessment framework' for each category of award
    • New Initiatives implemented and outcomes.
    • Two letters of reference from any organisation, public or private, pointing out the valu-able achievements resulting from implementation of the initiatives submitted and/ or the claims made.

A minimum of two and up to 5 supporting documents are to be submitted as evidence to the claims under the Assessment Framework to establish the claim. They can be evaluation and audit reports, results of client/ citizen surveys, books, DVDs, Videos, news articles, CD-ROMs etc.

For all entries please contact -

Dr. P.K.Sahu
Organizing Secretary
NIPM HR Excellence Award Secretariat

+91 9437352118/8895501338
email -